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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Help The Help TKM TKM vs vs Characters Scout Finch Skeeter Phelen Scout is the main character of TKM. Scout growes up in a very racist town, and because her father is a lawer for a black she receives a lot of crap. Later this critisizm helps Scout to better understand what its like to live in a world wheresociety is always labeling you falsely. Skeeter is one of the main characters in The Help.After returning home to help care for her sickly mother,Skeeter sees some of the ways her friemds maids are treated, and it inspires Skeeter to write a book This book will tell all of all the terrible things that happen to these black maids. The whole event helps Skeeterknow what its like to be falsely labeled, as many people hate her for writting to help the blacks. Tom Robinson Aibileen Clark Tom Robinson is a black that was wronginly accusedof rape. Tom had not done this terrible deed, and itis obvious that he doesnt do it. Unfortunatly racismwas a very big deal, and Tom couild not escape. Just because Tom was black, his acquisations were taken to heart , and Tom was killed wrongly. Aibileen is a black maid, that used to work forElizabeth Leefolt. Elizabeth mostly helpes care for Elizabeths daughter, Mae. Everybody can see thatAibileen is a caring person, and doesnt do anything wrong.Throughout the movie we get to see the kind of harshtreatment she endurers. Finally, Aibileen is accused ofstealing silverware and is fired, because she is black.Aibileen then walks away declaring to become a writer. Theme Racism and the Effects of In TKM, and The Help, racism is a large part of the normal lives' of many people.In TKM, blacks are treated like they shouldnt belong on the planet. This is evidentwith the way Tom Robinson is treat. People knew that there was no way that Tomraped Mayella, but just because he was black, people condemned him to death.On the other hand in The Help, Aibileen and many of the black maids were also treatedlike they were inferior. Aibileen was accused of stealing silverawre, when we know she did not. Also Minny Jackson was brutally mistreated mentally by her employer. Finally many of the other maids came togethor to tell about there terrible miss treatments. Lastly, in both TKMamnd The Help,racism has a lasting effect on the characters. In TKM the entire Finch family changes because of Tom's Trial. Scout and Jem finally learn how cruel racism is in the world, and Atticus learns that sometimes you may fail, but it is worth it being on the right side. In The Help Skeeter also learns these lessons while learning all about the bad things that happens to the black maids. This is how the Help and TKMshare two important themes of Racism, and the effects of. Plots Plot Similarities Between TKM, and The Help The plot lines in both TKM, and The Helps both share many similarities. One similarity is that in both stories, the main characters are fightingracism in their own ways. For the Finch family its getting people tofinally realize that blacks are equal by fighting for Tom in court. Skeeter does the same but attempts to write a book, in hopes that everyone couldsee the terrible things, that whites had done to blacks. Another similarity is that both Scout and Skeeter come to reazlze people arent always as they seem.Skeeter learns that Hilly isnt here friend, and is just a racist. Scout also learnsthat Tom isnt actually a bad person, but a nice man falsely labeled by society.
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