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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Feb.1815- War is Over!!! WAR 1803- British beginto impress Americansailors. Jan. 1815-Andrew JacksonBattle of New Orleans 1807- Chesapeake fired on.Jefferson EmbargoAct. Madison inaugurated "Madison's War" Aug. 1812- Hullsurrenders toBrock at Detriot The Federalists and some Republicans strongly against the war. Jan 1813- Raisin RiverMassacre.After Battle of Frenchtown SURVIVALISM April 1813- Americanscapture and burnYork. CYNICAL CULTURAL ATTITUDES CONSPIRACIES THE RISE OF THE COMPUTER THE OF 1812 THE PEACE MOVEMENT A NEW HOPE Hartford Convention WAR OF 1812 Fall 1813- Perry victory at Lake Erie andTecumsehdies in Battle of Thames Fall 1814- Battle of Plattsburg.Battle of Baltimore(Fort McHenry)Star-Spangled Banner. Treaty! Jessica Walker & Cameron Shippy 1811- Tippecanoe.Harrison vs. The Prophet James Madison-president during the warHenry Clay- Lead Warhawk in CongressWilliam Henry Harrison- 9th President. Tippecanoeand ThamesSir Isaac Brock- British general in charge of CanadaThomas Cochrane- British Admiral of Royal NavyAndrew Jackson- 7th President, Old Hickory. defeated the British at New OrleansFrancis Scott Key- Wrote the Star-Spangled Bannerduring the battle at Fort McHenryThe Prophet- Indian prophet. Very anti-white man. Brother of Tecumseh, Shawnee Confederate leader. June 1812 July 1812-General Hullenters Canada Summer 1814-More canada battles.Peace negotiations begin in Ghent Washington DC is burned down.
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