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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The United Kingdom'sUnitary Government House ofLords House ofLords The House of Lords is consideredthe second chamber of the parliament. They work with the House of Commonsand at the same time theywork independently. The lords job is basically proposing laws, challenging the government, andconsideration of public policy. House ofCommons House ofCommons People in UK elect650 representatives in theHouse of Commonswho are known as Members of Parliament.They are in charge of proposing and questioning current lawsin the Commons Chamber or Comities. Members of Parlament How are they elected? Everyone is allowed to vote and is likely to follow a politicalparty to select a candidate. What do they do? They assist the members of constituency in private investigationsand bringing up points in the House of Commons What are ministers? Part of the government, usually are part of House of Commons or House of Lords.Departmental Ministers are the oneswho take care of government departments,Ministers of State and Junior Ministers helpDepartmental Ministers (they usually have a job title for this). What about local governments? Councils are the ones who make the decisions on local services. There are two types of localgovernment: county councils and district, borough or city councils. Unitary authority is when there is only one type of local government that provides all functions. The Heirarchy The Heirarchy The Crown (Queen) The Prime Minister (James Cameron)Is in charge of all decison making. The Deputy Prime Minister (Nick Clegg)He is the leader of the Liberal Democrats. The CabinetMade up of the senior members of government. The MinistersTotal of 120 not including the PM. They are chosen by the PM from the House of Lords and The House of Commons
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