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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Help and To Kill a Mockingbird Comparison Plot Mrs. Merriweather, Miss Aunt Alexandra and their group of women in To Kill a Mockingbird were talking about helping the Mrunas (African tribe). Very similar to The Help with Miss Hilly and her group of women were getting money together to help out the Africans as well. In both situations it is very hypocritical that they have black slaves and treat them like lower people, but they feel sorry for the Africans and want tohelp them out just to seem like better people. Characters Miss Hilly from The Help is very similar in comparison to Miss Aunt Alexandra and Mrs. Merriweather from To Kill a Mockingbird. As they maintain a reputation of being the "top women" in their town and what they care about mostly is their looks and being the best.Also, both are very hypocritical. In some ways Skeeter from The Help is similar to Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird. Neither of them deemed it necessary to treat blacks any different from whites. Though they showed it in different ways they both showed a course of action to stand up for the blacks. Calpurnia from To Kill a Mockingbird is nearly the exact same as Aibileen from The Help and pretty much all the maids from the movie. They both are black maids serving for white families. They raise white children and both have the potential to get fired despite all the work they did for the family. Aunt Alexandra almost got Calpurnia fired and Aibileen did end up getting cut. Theme In To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help, courageous people trying to force change is a theme represented throughout both. Skeeter and all the black maids in The Help show this by participating in the making of the book to help show to everybody how it's really like to be a black maid. Atticus standing up for Tom Robinson and trying to prove him innocent showed Atticus's courage seeing how he could have easily been killed. Another theme that is apparent in The Help and To Kill a Mocking Bird is the moral blindness to inequality and injustice. In To Kill a Mockingbird this is shown during Tom Robinson's case where he is clearly proven innocent but the people vote him guilty anyway. In The Help it's shown clearly with everyone owning African American maids and most of them being mistreated. A similar comparison in the plot between The Help and To Kill a Mockingbird can regard to Skeeter and Scout finding answers for their own issues. Scout is a young girl growingup trying to understand racism and all the other problems she encounters. Through all the people she meets she learns lessons along the way as she matures to understand life more. Skeeter from The Helpunderstands that treating blacks as lower beings is wrong but is trying to figure out how to help them. Eventually with the help of all the black maids she meets she creates a book so people can view black maid's lives from their point of view.
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