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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New custs. buying at least 1 bt. of each product in WGS portfolio in Milan, Florence and Rome(Tot. Country 1886) 2014 CITY STRATEGY Yearly trends for WGS portfolio in the most exciting IT marketplaces of WGS single malts sold in theOn-Trade depend upon PURCHASE DYNAMICS of all WGS products sold in the On-Trade depend upon of Sailor Jerry sold in On-trade top 3 cities (Milan, Rome, Bari) depend upon new custs(Tot. Country 40%) FINANCIALS 35% 30% COMMERCIAL OUTCOME Value increase of WGS portfolio among specialist wholesalers with more than 150 custs. in Milan, Rome and Florence 86% 442 20% Value increase of WGS single malts in Milan On-Trade accounts of On-Trade custs. in Milan boughtmore than 24 bottles of Hendrick's (Tot. Country 23%) Copyright*resources - internal figures 30% 35% 86% of Hendrick's sold in Traditional Off-Tradetop 3 cities (Milan, Florence and Rome) depend upon a mixed basket with Fever Tree Tonic Water(Tot. Country 61%) Average mixed basket of WGS products in On-Trade top 3 cities(Milan, Florence, Rome) Metropolitan cities are positively affecting business growth in the sense they are able to enlarge custs. base YOY, while rapidly absorbing international trends and introducing new products. 232 50% 18% INSIGHT ANALYSIS Milan, Florence and Rome 30% Rome, Milan and Florence 14% Value increase of aggregated WGS portfolio in Milan, Rome and Florence
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