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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A USB Drive is an external hard disk drive that plugs into the USB port. It uses flash memory chips that have storage up to one terabyte. A USB drive imitates a hard disk drive. USB drives are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes that can hold up to 1 terabyte of information depending on the storage space it has. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. An SD Card is a non-volatile memory card used in portable devices for example mobile phones, digital camera etc. SD stands for secure digital. An SD card is used for storing memory on portable and small devices. A CD-ROM is a compact disc used as a read-only memory device for a computer system. It is a disc which has data. It stands for Compact Disk Read Only Memory. Computers are able to read CD-ROMs but are not able to write, edit or erase them. What are breadcrumbs?Bread crumbs typically appear horizontally near the top of a Web page, providing links back to each previous page that the user navigates through in order to get to the current page. Basically, they provide a trail for the user to follow back to the starting/entry point of a Web site and may look something like this:home page --> section page --> sub section pageThis technique also is referred to as a bread crumb trail. Breadcrumbs for Bears Hard Drive A DVD is a type of compact disc that is able to store large amounts of information and data. DVD-ROM, because data can only be read and not written or erased. Rewritable DVDs can be recorded and erased many times. CD-ROM DVD USB Drive SD Card
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