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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The amount of education doesn't matter, the amount of skill does. Interested in becoming a How much are you really getting? There are many fields in photography that you can major in. The overall salary of a photographer is about $55,000 US dollars,according to Although, each of them do have different yearly salaries. Which may or may not influence you to change your major. A photographer who photographs people such as celebrities, big figures, models, etc. (paparazzi), tend to earn more money. Of course it also depends on : Skill Education Experience ** According to : Successful Photographer ?! When you first start off in the photographyfield, you think it's all about the cameras and going to college, butIt's much more than that.The top 3 things you should haveor at least think about are: Location plays a major part in being successful. If you are looking to start your own business, for photography.You have to be able to pick the best locations, according topopulation and opportunity, tobe able to have a successful business. A must have skill ishaving charm or being able tomake good deals. Artistic Vision - "Clients want a photographer with unique style and perspective. Technical Skills- "digital photography technology" (know how to work the camera and equipment)Also, have a specific genre you want to major in. Communication Skills and Business Skills-In order to market and promote your businessand open new doors for new opportunities this is a must have According to :
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