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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] A hurricane also known as a tropical cyclone is when winds speeds are greater than 74 miles (119km) per hour.Most Hurricanesstart off the coast,and then touch land to make lotsof damage.Hurricanes have a life span of1-30 days.also when Hurricanes weaken theymake a tropical storm,and that weakens into a low pressure system What is a Hurricane? History The first hurricane ever to hit the USA was Hurricane Galveston in 1900,and then more started to come and expand.Many Hurricanes haves caused lots of damage to the USA,but only three hurricanes that are category 5 hit USA1935 Labor day hurricane in the Flordia keys killing 600 people.Hurricane Andrew in 1992 killed 256 people.Also Hurricane Katrina the deadlest one of all time hit new orleans and killed about 700 people.Category 5 Hurricanes are the worst hurricanes to be in.They have winds sometimes going over 200miles per hour they ruin and destroy cites.In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit my shore house and little damage was made,but many communitys got hit worsethan my shore house. Buildings,and damage was everywhere on TV. Hurrican es most common Hurricanes Red = 33 percent category 3 Hurricanesgray = 30 percent category 1 Hurricanesgreen= 12 and a half percent category 2 Hurricanesyellow = 12 and a half percent category 4 hurricanesBlue = 12 percent category 5 Hurricanes Causes Hurricanes usually move westward at about 10 miles per hour.During their early stages complex tracks are very common in the northern hemisphere.Incipent Hurricanes usually form over the tropical atlantic ocean.This causes Hurricanes to mature and get stronger as they drift westward.When these windscombine and move northeastward they make a hurricane. How to prepare The best defense against a Hurricane is an accurate forecastthat gives people time to get out of the way.The (NHC) NationalHurricane Center issues warnings and watches that is certainin communitys that is getting hit by the Hurricane. community resources bording house with wood cardbord and hard material.Food,water,and most importanly shelter is always needed.flashlights, blankets and practicing evacuation from any buldingfor safety conclusion Overall Hurricanes are very deadly,and harmful to communitys.There are 5 categorys from 1-5 to easiest to badest.Hurricanes have a history of lots of people dying and houses being destroyed.Hurricanes sometimes can reach wind speeds over 200 miles per hour,and sometimes over 300 miles per hour.the best defensive is to watch the news to evacute your locationand some resources are to border wood and hard materials,food,water,and shelter,and to watch for warningsand watches from the (NHC) National Hurricane Center By: Brian Schurr
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