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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DID YOU KNOW SOME DOGS CAN DETECT POISION/ DRUGS The most chosen drug detection dog is a German Shepherd.http:/ The most chosen drug detection dog is a German Shepherd.<>. When sniffer dogs smell contraband, they do the command they were taught.<>. Sniffer dogs go through intense training to become sniffer dogs. <>. Sniffer dogs must follow orders given by their owner.< >. German Shepherds love to hunt. So in drugdetection they finddrugs fast. <>. ‘’The animal quickly responded, barking in the driveway, sniffing at the door, then sitting as he was trained-- a signal drugs were nearby.’’<>. "Sniffer dogs increase efficiency for inspectors and customs officials, quickly scanning cargo, luggage and packages without the time-consuming need to open each crate, box or parcel."<> The officer brought in Aldo the shepherd, who focused on the truck's door handle. A subsequent search produced 200 pills inside the vehicle used to make methamphetamine.<>. "The officers remained nearby on the premises while a search warrant was obtained. Marijuana was found growing in the house."<>. Sniffer dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, as well as the ability to discriminate between the faintest odors. In fact, a dogs sense of smell is almost one thousand times more sensitive than a humans. This acute sense allows sniffer dogs to detect smells from both live species and raw materials despite smugglers efforts to mask odors.<>.
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