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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ms. Kelsey Gantt January 20th, 2015 Student Teacher My name is Kelsey Gantt, and I am a seniorat Appalachian State University! I will be working in your child's classroom as a student teacher from the 20th of January through the 27th of March. I am studying education with plans to be a middle school teacher. I grew up in Catawba County, and live with my parents in Conover. I attended River Bend Middle School and Bunker Hill High School - both in Claremont. I work part-time at the Chick-Fil-A store on Highway 70 in Hickory. As a pre-service teacher, I am required by the state of North Carolina to spend 15 weeks working in the classroom of a highly qualified teacher. I will be collaborating with Mrs. McConnell to create engaging lessons and activities for your students, while working towards my goal of becoming an educator. Normally, teacher candidates spend 15 weeks during their last semester of college in the classroom of their cooperating teacher. In my case, I am participating in a program provided by App State where I will spend the last five weeks of my student teaching experience abroad. I have the pleasure of spending those five weeks at a bilingual, K-12 school in San Jose, Costa Rica! Who am I? Why am I here? Other Information You may contact me through my email address, ganttke@email.appstate.eduTo learn a little bit more about me, you may also visit my website
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