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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wears many shoes! ;) QUALIFICATIONS What makes me the right person for the job?(evidence to fulfill criteria of being a mentor liaison maverick) Delegates tasks Great conversationalist all responsibilities in college;drumming video/picture, musicGET WATCHgrandma 'girls just wanna have fun videoget there on time (feet) all activities i'm involved in, bison ranchbecky - testimonial (talk about growth, what I love, involvement, family stuff)not only shoes...but hats toointerchangeable between casual and dressy (same with actions) Tutoring, TA, grading, Aaron - ADHD (pencil tapping, music),each person learns differentlythink on your feet description here description here MENTOR LIAISON MAVERICK Logistics Notices the little things "Do what works" - Impact "Remember to Dance" - Celebrate "Be militantly transparent" - Truthfulness Grandma, must know a lot of her "needs",what makes her feel at easelife is too shortmust think on your feetuncompromising record~~include pics with gma (little, sock puppet, older) Punctual "Treat others like the Messiah" - Humility ASL - everyone has a different languageHannah, Aisha, and Jessica videos "Leaning into fear" - Courage Whale spreadsheet and work with WWF; H4H spreadsheet; keeping ROSE organized; Stuco storage room Hospitable "Be agile" - Experiment "Get Shit Done" - Execute description here ASL - delegating to officers; WRRAP - doing projects as a group, being delegated to; previous volunteer experience- president stuco, eco club, section leader orchestra, zero waste humboldt, math competitionGame Day Challenge picture
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