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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Imperialism in South Africa, Java/India, and the Pacific South Africa Terry Blocher P3 Anglo-Zulu War 1879In an effort to copy the introductionof federation into Canada, Britain sentHigh Commissioner Sir Henry BartleFrere to South Africa. The first stepwas to eliminate the local Zulu Kingdom.After an Zulu victory at the Battle of Isandlwana, the Zulus were eventuallydefeated by the British. This destroyed one of the strongest points of oppositionin South Africa, paving the way forImperialism Mineral Discovery 1867 and 1884The discovery of Diamonds andGold respectively in the SouthAfrica interior stirred massimmigration. With moreEuropean presence, moresubjugation occurred andconflicts between natives andcolonists over these resourcesintensified. India British "sepoy" soldiers cameto be recruited from India andused throughout the Britishempire. Government of India Act 1858With the prior Indian Rebellion of 1857started by sepoys in India, the BritishParliament put an end to the BritishEast India Trading Company. Thisact put Britain in direct control ofIndia and gave it the means to putgreater pressure of western ideas onthe subcontinent. The Pacific Kamehameha, the firstking of Hawaii exploitednew weapons acquiredfrom Britain to unify Hawaii.Dually, he introduced westernImperialism to the islands. Māori Wars 1845-1872Settling fertile lands unhindered,Europeans aggravated the Māori.In a series of wars, the Māoriwere defeated and eventually"ceded" the island to the colonists.Although the Māori survivedand were incorporated intothe New Zealand government,their island was opened to full Imperialism.
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