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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Effects of imperialism on India/Java the British improved communication greatly with inventions such as the telephone and trains Britain Improved India's transportation with the steam engine India became morehygienic when Britain came due tovaccines andgeneral sanitization India's population grew due to an increasein hygiene and an increase in farmersallowing for more food. In turn this lead to more products being manufactured Britain destroyed the castesystem allowing for people to be equals Britain destroyed India's previous economy making India depend on Britain for everything and soon entered a spiral of lost money were Britain would buy raw materials for cheap and sell goods for a steep price Britain encouraged the farming of cash crops which resulted in the reduction of food producing crops leading to famine The British created a large socialinequality between the British and the Indians not allowing anyIndians any positions of powerthis of course lead to rebellionswhich were squashed by the British killing many. On top of thisthe British were rude and racists to all others Effects of imperialism on South Africa Britain drastically changed South Africa's economy byexploiting their raw mineralsthis lead to brutality against Africans Britain seized land from Africa and placedit under their control the Africans fought back against the British and were slaughtered,because the British had superior weaponry many Africans died in these battles the African way of life and culture was nearly destroyed because of an over bearing British force andand the replacement of homeschooling with British schooling system The British created boundaries between different African families and unified enemy tribes creating a hostile enviorment Effects of imperialism on the pacific The Africans were majorly impactedby European dieases created new trade routes the Europeans also councured lands spread European industrial technology
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