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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Making Offer After Offer Before Offer Made *resources Recruiting -Although the police confirmed that Darin was not at fault for the accident, and despite Celine's father saying he does not blame Darin, the Zilke's sued him for a million dollars -At some points Darin wondered how the accident would affect his future self, but he felt this was selfish and began to worry for Celine's parents -He tried to carry on about high school normally and even atteneded prom. He sometimes believed he had to act the way people would expect him to. For example, during the ceremony for Celine, he exits the gym to show everyone that he is affected by this and is hurting as a result Darin finally comes to the realization that the accidentwas merely just that- an accident and had it not beenfor the accident, he wouldnot be the person he was today with the people heloves. Marissa MorenoPeriod 3 -He tried to keep the accident unknown to the people he met in college because he feared they would think of him differently -In college he spent much time going to the library and adding math and physics to try and figure out more about the accident. -He tried to keep the accident unknown to the people he met in college because he feared they would think of him differently -In an attempt to "check out Celine's side of things", he discovered a journal entry of Celine's in which she said she knew she was going to die. -The Zilkes' continued to pursue Darin and the court case continued on well throughout Darin's time at college. It wasn't until near the end of college that they settled for the go away money of $20,000 -In his late 20's he starts to be more aware of living his life for himself as well as Celine -Darin had to have surgeries to fix his stomach problems and it seemed as though he thought his stomach problems were a result of guilt. -Out of all the girlfriends Darin told about the accident he was most impressed with Susannah's response and she later became his wife. - Darin attended his high school reunion and got the chance to reconnect with old friends. He left without having a single drink out of fear that people would see him and have DUI thoughts. - -Darin was able to get through his 20's and early 30's by constantly relying on the thought that Celine had committed suicide. -After his twins were born he wondered about how the Zilkes' must have felt, losing the child they brought into the world
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