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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Paragraph 1- Introduction: Introduces the topic Paragraph 2- Body Paragraph: Further explains reason 1 Hook: A catching statement or question. Thesis: A clearly written statement that has whatyour topic is included. Supporting Details: A sentence that has reasons for your topic. Topic Sentence: A sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph. Explanations/Facts:Explains your topic further, giving statistics and info that is true. Supporting Details:Explains the facts or explanations. Transition Words: Then, next, after that. Keeps thesentences flowing into eachother. Paragraph 3- Body Paragraph: Further explains reason 2 Just like paragraph 2. But with different facts/explanations, supporting details, and adifferent topic sentence. Transition words are still needed, but use different words. The Format of an Essay Paragraph 4- Body Paragraph: Further explains reason 3 Same thing with paragraph 4. Different topic sentence, fact/explanations, supportingdetails. Paragraph 5- Conclusion Paragraph: Sums up the essay and the main reasons Start with a concluding sentence. In conclusion, therefore, etc. Restate the thesis.(First paragraph) Restate three supporting details. End with a concluding sentence thatcalls to action. Citations: The sources you used written out in a specific way. Create a new page labeled"Works Cited" could help. Otherwise, look up a format.
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