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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Al Capone Does my Homework By: Gennifer Choldenko Setting Theme You have to remain strong and stand up for and protect your family. PlotThe plot of the story was Moose trying to find out and twart any plans to cause harm to his father the new warden while also defending his claim that his baby sister didn't cause the fire that burned down their apartment even though it was her. The notorious Alcatraz island where the kids and families of the guards also live. CharactersMoose Flanagan(Main Character)Natalie(Moose Sister)Piper,Annie,Jimmy and Theresa(Moose's friends)Warden Flanagan(Moose's father) Pennsylvania Population 1930's: 9,631,350Today: 12,794,225 Unemployment1930's : 40%Today : 5.7% Allegheny General Hospital The construction of this hospital plant was begun in 1929 but work was discontinued in 1931 due to financial difficulties. It was resumed in 1935 with the aid of the P.W.A. and when completed covered most of a site of 4 1/2 acres and included a 20-story hospital building, a 9-story nurses' home, and a power-house supplying the entire institution. Did You Know1. Alcatraz played the banjo in the Alcatraz Prison band2.Alcatraz original name was La Isla de los Alcatraces which means island of the pelicans3. Coal miners where the most important jobs in most towns in Pennslyvania Prices Coal: Then:$9.25 per/tonNow:$280 per/tonSuntan Oil:Then 25 centsNow: $5.82
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