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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 upmysport was created with a single purpose: to help people meet their perfect instructor PRO ACCOUNT ORGANISE, MANAGE AND GROW YOUR COACHING BUSINESS WITH UPMYSPORT Mobile one-click payments TELL ME MORE James Dunne, Founder ofKinetic Revolution To do that, we help the best sport, fitness and health instructors in the UK and Europe to grow their businesses. Claire, James' client James' clients use their mobile to pay for theirlessonsTheir card details are stored in the App, makingevery payment super easy! Automatic Reminders Wave goodbye to admin. Let upmysport do the hard work for you. Calendar Sync Whenever Claire books a new session withJames, the session is automatically syncedwith their mobile calendars. in one click. Run a Group Session? Are all of your clients are on your upmysportApp?Send a group invitation to invite them tobook and pay for their next group session.Imagine how much time you'd save compared to taking individual payments... Business Overview Login to your account on a computer toget an overview of all of your business'bookings and payments history. The upmysport app has totally transformed the way that I organise myself and my PT business. I can really easily see whos paid and who hasnt so that I can chase them up if needs be. Once Ive confirmed a booking, the app drops a reminder straight into the calendar on my phone. There have been one or two occasions in the past where Ive forgotten about one of my upcoming sessions. Now Im always reminded in advance and can prepare for my days training.I often hold large group sessions so I get lots of questions from lots of people asking about timings, locations, concerns etc. With the app, I can allow my clients to book & pay straight from that message.For me, the best part of the app is that I can invite my clients to new sessions. I find that at the end of the first session my clients are buzzing with adrenaline , full of endorphins and cant wait for the next one. Rather than waiting till the next day when their bodies are aching, I can just take out my phone and send them an invite for the next session which they can confirm straight away, payment is sorted by upmysport and Ive secured that extra bit of future business. Thomas Holliman from Regiment Fitness.Regiment fitness uses upmysport to run bootcamps, private fitness sessions and small group classes James doesn't have to text and email his clients to remind them about their upcoming lessons - upmysport sends reminders before every session.Claire can get pretty busy, so the reminders arereally useful!
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