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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Is It? When? Who? BACHA BAZI Young boys are taught to dance and sold to wealthy men as sex toys Where? Afghanistan Wealthy Men (usually merchants or soldiers) Homeless, usually sold by parents, kids between 8-19 years old BY: Amelie Dury 9B "Playing with Kids" Used to be a tradition a while ago that died out but is recently reapearing The Cycle The wealthy men dresses up his Bacha into women clothes (dress, fake breasts, a veil and bell). He bring him to an events (usually after parties with NO women) The Bacha dances sexually around a group of men who sometimes tip them After the bacha dances, his owner or even other men take him up to a hotel room and often rape them The Bacha is finally released and bring back whatever money he has collected to his family (if he has one) and tries to feed him self to get ready for another day as a bacha A wealthy man go aroundon the street to find a good looking homeless boys and offers him a job- of course they can't refuse because they need the money. Facts! 1. Girls are not of any interest as aBacha because women are not aloud to dance in public 3. Bacha Bazi litterally translates to "Playing with Boys" 2. The more Bacha's you have the wealthier and powerful you are 4. Bacha Bazi might be a big practice but it is illegal! 5. Bacha bazi CDs and DVDs are widely on sale from street stalls and carts, serving an audience who can't afford the real thing. In many of the cafes, men sit drinking tea and watching grainy images of boys dancing 6. Some kids actually want to be Bacha's and not just for the money.Some kids say thye love dancing and being dressed as females
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