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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Good and Bad Sides of Thomas Jefferson Did Tragedy Lead To Good Things? At age 14, Jefferson's father died. At 16 Jefferson went to college at William and Mary's. He married the love of his life Martha Wales. May 1773, a close friend of Jefferson's,Dabney Carr, died of a fever. 2 weeks later, Martha's father died. He inherited all of his father's landand slaves. He sold most of the land but kept the slaves. In 1774, Jefferson becamegreat friends with John Adams. What Jefferson Thought About Slavery He thought that slavery wasa contrary of nature. He assumed that the end of theslave trade would weaken the slavery and hastened its end. He spoke constantly about slavery,but did nothing about it and benefited from it his whole life. "Slavery is a complex issue and needsto be solved by the next generation."-Thomas Jefferson Some find it hypocriticalthat he ownedslaves yet wasoutspoken in saying that slaverywas immoral andon the way thecourse of eventual extinction. 9 Jobs and Counting... Lawyer Agronomist:Agronomy is the science and technologyof producingand using plants for food, fuel, fibre,and landreclamation Musician Scientist Philosopher Author Architect Inventer Statesman:A skilled, experienced,and respected politicalleader or figure. Thomas Jefferson The third born of 10 kids. The 3rd president. Fluent in 5 languages. He loved to read, even if it was in latin. He soaked up all the learning he could. Thomas Jefferson's Journey With John Adams Jefferson met John Adams in Philadelphia in 1775. Despite their close friendship, Jefferson wrote that he and Adam's were often separated from different conclusions they haddrawn from their political reading. When Jefferson becamepresident, he and Adamshad stopped writing toone another. Dr. Benjamin Rush took it uponhimself to renew their suspendedfriendship after Jefferson had retired from presidency. He had no success at doing this until 1811. They picked up writing to each other until their deaths. Adam's last words were"Thomas Jefferson survives",not knowing that his friend haddied hours earlier. 0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 Jefferson's John Adam's Washington's Average Man The Number of Slaves Owned By People By: McKenna Hepler Sources: PBS Documentary American Experience
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