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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1797-1798 The French showed their anger by seizing USmerchant ships in the West Indies, as well asrefusing to accept Charles C. Pinckney as the U.S. ambassador to France. Adams decided to send the commissioners Charles Pinckney, John Marshall, and Elbridge Gerry to meet with the French Foreign Minister, but they were instead met by 3 French agents. The French messengers told the American commissioners that Talleyrand,the French Foreign Minister, would not sign the treaty unless given a $250,000 bribe and a $10 million dollar loan. Congress and the public were angered by theblackmail attempt. Their anger resulted in an undeclared naval war against France, known asthe Quasi-War. Congress enacted the Alien andSedition Acts, preparing for an official war with France. The French were not happy about the Americans signing the Jay Treaty which had settled some of the tension between America and Great Britain. Talleyrand did not want to riska declared war and signed theTreaty of Mortefontaine to restore the friendship between France and the United States. Angry, the committee sent a reportof the event to Adams, who replacedthe French agents names with X, Y, and Z. XYZ Affair FRANCEAmericans were strong allies with France.France is angered by America's neutrality in thesituation.Us is angered by the XYZ affair which results in an undeclared war. GREAT BRITAIN America was still fresh off the win against Britain.Americans signed the Jay Treaty for Neutrality.US sides with Britain in the war
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