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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Essentials ofGrowth * Trade* Exploring new places * War * Growing population* Pollution * Sharing ideas* New inventions The Power and Consequences of Change What are the consequences of a changing growth of civilization? What were the roles of men and women? * women would take care of their children* Men would hunt and gather resources for their family * Men would be come soldiers What was the role of communication? People had to find a way to communicate* To solve problems* To surviveThey used * hieroglyphics* sign lanquege How did weapons impact the civilizations? Weapons were used to survive like:* Defending them selves in war* Hunting for food What role did religion play in the growth of civilizations? * Ancient Egyptians believed in 2,000 gods and goddesses.* They also believed in the afterlife.* Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses* They would build homes and temples for their gods and goddesses.* Ancient Chinese had three main religions, Confucianism,Buddhism and Taoism. What was government like as civilizations grew? * In ancient civilization people had little or no real freedom* Today we have more freedom and in most countries people are free tohave their own religion as well as beliefs. * Ancient civilizations where built with any resources that they could find.* They used things such as * Wood and * Sandstone How where ancient civilizations built? How can our past help us predict the future? Our past can help us predict out future because history repeats itself. How can data inspire change?
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