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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Homicide Detective There are numerous advantagesto being a homicide detective. Thefamiliar advantages are that it onlytakes a high school education, youwill have an entrance to a retirementplan, you'll earn higher than the averagesalary, and you will feel the comfort inhelping others and the community. There is specific equipmentthat a homicide detective hasto use on a regular day-to-daybasis. A fingerprint kit, standardevidence kit, laptop or computer,and recording equipment are allgadgets homicide detectives use. At minimum, one must have ahigh school diploma or a GED, but candidates who have collegedegrees in law enforcement or criminal justice have higherchances of getting hired. Toget hired as a homicide detective,the individual has to pass cognitiveand physical examinations. Afterpassing those tests, that individualmust also be a police officer for atleast three years. Soon after that, they may apply to be promoted to detective. The average salary for a homicide detective in Las Vegas is $44,173.As a beginning homicidedetective, you could earna salary of $36,378. After becoming an experienced homicide detective, your salary could rise to $51,968. Required Skills Job Duties There are multiple dutiesthat a homicide detectiveobtains. Common duties are protecting andpreserving a crime scene,discovering a motive for amurder, and assembling acase against a suspect using witness statementsand evidence. Other frequentduties would comprise of questioning suspects andwitnesses, giving orders topersonnel, and collaboratingwith other law enforcementagencies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the estimated job growth for homicide detectives is 5%from 2012-2022. Advantages Job Market Forecast The work environmentof a homicide detectiveis always action packed,whether it be working inthe field or writing reports.There is always the chanceof personal injury or death,but that comes with everyjob. Promotions Equipment When discovering if you are anexceptional candidate to be a homicide detective, skillsemployers are searchingfor are communication skills,ability to be unbiased, and thecompetence to use departmentsources accurately and responsibly. In addition, theyare looking for applicants who have the capability to beintelligent and professional. Educational & Training Requirements Possible promotions are the ability to rise in rank. By remaining in school and getting further in training, homicide detectives can become in command of lowranked detectives once theyhave become high ranked. Salary Work Environment
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