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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10 REASONS WHY NOT TO JOIN YOUR LOCAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Executive Powers Executing The Law: The Ordinance Power: The Appointment Power: To make sure each law is faithfully executed. Covers armed forces, social secutity, gun control etc. The Removal Power: Has the power to issue executive orders and implement them. Can pass or reject policies and programs Handpicks and names the top ranking officers of the federal government with the approval of the senate Power to remove any appointed officer if he feels they aren't right for the position Legislativ e My Business Does Not Need a Unified Political Voic: Veto Power: The presidenyt can send messages to congress. He sends his recomendations about law being passes, war, etc. Congress has to agree on whether they want to pass a bill or not. But the president can veto the bill or law if he feels it is neccesary Diplomatic Powers Executive Agreements: The Power to Make Treaties: Reccomending legislagtion: The president may choose to write a treaty if he wishes to. But it must be approved by the sentate by a 2/3 vote The president may make an executive agreement with a foreign state. However he does not need congressional approval When the president recieves the diplomatic representatives of anoter soverign state, he can exercise the power of recognition. Any president can awknowledge the legal existance of the country and the government Judicial Powers Repreive: Pardons: (Comunication, amnesity) A reprieve is when you push back the execution of a sentence A pardon is legal forgiveness of a crime. When you reduce the length of a sentence is called a communication. Amnesty is a blanket pardon offered to a grouop of criminals. Military Powers Comander In Cheif: - The president has the power to make war without a declaration of war by congress, which is called undeclared war.- Congressional resolution is when congress comes to an agreement on whether we should go to war and the reasons why-The war powers solution is an act that limits the powers that the president has when declaring war
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