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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VENN DIAGRAMS SHOW DYNAMIC INFORMATION AND ARE GREAT TO LOOK AT ADDING EMPTY CONCEPT CREATE PLAIN CONTENT FILL MEIN WITH INTERESTINGCOPY FULL STARTHERE Pepsi Vs Coke Coke Pros:1. *Colombian Coca Cola plant managers work with violent paramilitary forces who have killed plant union leaders & kidnapped and tortured hundreds of plant workers! 2. increased risk of obesity (Coke is empty calories) 3. increased risk of type-2 diabetes (Hello, high fructose corn syrup!) 4. increased chance of cavities/tooth decay 5. decreased ability to absorb calcium/increased osteoporosis risk (especially in women) 6. increased heart rate (caffeine) 7. raised blood pressure (caffeine) 8. nervousness, irritability, withdrawal headaches (caffeine) 9. dehydration (Coke is NOT hydrating, try water or decaf tea) 10. wasted money (Coke is expensive garbage) Pepsi pros:The original purpose of Pepsi was to help with stomach aches.Pepsi Light was the original Diet Pepsi believed as an alternative for regular Cola. It had ingredients including a distinct lemon flavor and just one calorie.The drink was the first foreign product officially legally sold in the Soviet UnionFrom the 1930s through the late 1950s, Pepsi-Cola Hits The Spot was the most commonly used slogan in the days of old radio, classic motion pictures, and later television.This company was the first beverage one to introduce the 2-liter bottle to hold larger quantities of their drinks.It was also one of the first companies in the United States to transport their products by horse-drawn carriage
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