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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kate Lorenz Period-4B Moon Over Manifest By Clare VanderpoolYear of Publication-2010 Did you know?1. In the story, many miners become sick with black lung disease.This was a real disease that was common among miners in the early and mid 1900's. 2. The newspaper articles found in the book are inspired by realnewspaper articles during the great depression.3. In the story, Manifest is home to a lot of immigrants making thema target for the KKK. The KKK was a real problem during the era that the book takes place in.4. Before Vanderpool wrote this story she researched all about the great depressionin order to include accurate information about the era and apply it to the story. 5. Gideon Tucker works on the railroad in Iowa which is why Abilene is sent to Manifest.During the great depression many parents had to send their children to distant realtivesin order to make a living and support themselves. Main Character-Abilene TuckerVery adventurous, curious,tough, self-assuredAbilene has been on the road most of her life. She is 12 yearsold and very mature.Since shegrew up without a mother and hasa father who works on the railroads,Abilene had to learn how to takecare of herself.Abilene has seenthings a lot of adults haven't andshe isn't afraid to be herself. Shedoesn't really care what others think even though she feels likean outsider.Abilene goes to Manifest wanting to find out informationabout her father's past.Abilene hopes her discoveries will uncovermore about who her fatherwas and who she is. Theme-Identity, society, family Abilene is trying to discover more about her father's past and who he is. Manifest is whereher father, Gideon, grew up and Abilene knowsthat the people in the town know all about him.By getting to know who her father is and was,Abilene feels like she'll understand him moreand feel closer to him. While she's in Manifest she learns all about the town and thepeople living there. She feelsas though she has found her "home". Setting Place: Manifest, KansasTime: the summer of 1936-The flashback stories Abilene is told take place in 1918 PlotSince Abilene's father, Gideon Tucker, workson the railroad in Iowa, Abilene is sent to hishometown of Manifest, Kansas for the summer.Abilene is anxious to ask the town's people allabout her dad as a child. Throughout the summerAbilene learns all about the town's past and herfather's past as well. She gets insight on the livesof those living in the town and feels like she hasfinally found her "home". Conflict:Ending: Abilene and Gideon decide to stayin Manifest and Abilene reports for the local newspaper Colorado: Then: Population-939,629Milk- 28 centsButter- 55 centsBread- 9 centsSteak 1 lb- 49 centsNow: Population-5,355,866Milk- $3.45Butter- $ 3.75Bread- $1.64Steak- $6.16 Continental Oil building at 17th (Seventeenth) Street and Glenarm Place in Denver, Colorado. (Built 1925-1930)
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