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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top words that should be banned 10 Loser Ratchet Stupid Literally "I Can't" Retarded Goth "Like...Like...Like" Hate Fleek By: Sarah Klobuchar Loser should be banned becauseit's a rude and uncalled forstatement. And plus, it's wayoverused and not funny anymore. This is the type of word that shows howdamaged this society is getting. Everyone uses this word, and it gets old fast. "It's a nonsense word and it's not needed" -Camen Tomaszewski Being called stupid is not a confidence booster, and is said so rudely. It should be banned because makes people sound impolite and disrepectful. "Literally" is a very boring word,and makes people lose interestreal fast. This word should definatly be banned because it makes people sound annoying. This word should be banned because it gives people no motivation, and if someone says they can't, then they won't. It will makepeople be worse at what they aredoing. "When people say this, it's annoyingbecause they can, just chose not to." -Megan Ansley This word is highly offensive to peoplewith a mental illness. This is a wordthat makes people sound so ignorantwhen used. "It's offensive and peoplesay it without processing what they aresaying." -Megan Patterson Goth should be banned because it's a harsh and offensive word to use. Most of the tine, Goth is not even used correctly. When "Like" is used every single sentence, it can get really annoying. This word should be banned because it makes the person you are speaking to, lose interest fast. "It's annoying, and can get to distracting." -Christos Lianas Nobody should ever hate anything, that'swhy the word "hate" should be banned. This should also be banned because it's a bad influence for others. This is another word that should not be able to be said. It's overused and annoying. It's used to the point where it doesn't even make sense anymore."No one knows what it means, and it sounds terrible." - James Jenders Photo credit: Microsoft Word Clipart
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