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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Feel Animals I do firmly believe that an array of birds and mammals feel their lives deeply, anthropologist Barbara J. King told the Los Angeles Times by email. "Having no direct means to communicate emotion, the difficulty of providing an account of emotion in animals relies heavily on work-around experimentation that relies on results from human subjects."Wikipedia Pet owners aroundthe world agree withyes,because whodisagrees whentheir dog wags theirtail, that their happy? The movie 'RacingStripes' features azebra who thinks heis a racing horse because he loves to run. The moviefeatures all animalsas unique individualsthat think and feel as human beings do, but their language is so simple humans don't understand it. Animals have different braincapacities than humans, sowould they have differentemotion capacities as well? In scientific researchthere are always surprises, so what ifwe found solid proofthat animals really DON'T have emotions? Do Human Emotions? Animals DO havedifferent braincapacities, so it'sarguable that theyhave different emotions, too. YES NO "Scientists say that anthropomorphism, the projection of human thoughts, motivations, and desires onto animals, can lead people to the wrong conclusions about animal behavior,"Says Case Study in a periodical. There are lots andlots of authors andbooks and movies that state thatanimals have emotions.EX: Because of Winn-Dixie ? Gana held her three-month-old baby in her arms as he died.She stroked his headin an attempt to revivehim. Here's the catch:Gana is a gorilla! David Barton thinks thatDisney started this whole'animals have feelings andtherefor they should haverights as well' thing. checkout the whole speech at:
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