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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Production Copyright Compliance About Myself......Hi,My name is Ramesh modi.i am working as shopkeeper.I open my shop morning 7 am and closed it 10 pm( 12 hrs per day-job hrs /3 hrs break time). Pain Points of User Risk Management Peer Review Embedding Discoverability Creative Commons Formatting Human Persona OER Tools Collaboration Licensing Social Networking Sharing Repositories Metadata Standards Integrated into Curriculum Job Responsibilities Flexible input/output options Clearly licensed Conveys intended use, records alternatives "Invisible" at the point of delivery Easily discovered/found Localization 'Accidental' OER Sharing -Memorize number of items available and its price.-Instant calculation without any mistakes.-Credit and debit to customer.-order goods.-understanding customer requirements and priorities.-Satisfaction of customer.-Interaction with customer through talk and joke or listening their philosophy. Networking Learning Pathways Building Communities General store vender/Pan Store Vender Social responsibilities - Difficult to take leave.- job hours is more .It causes they are not able to give enough time to family and children study.- Social respect is low compare to Company and government employee. Earning -My earning is around 800-1200 per day(Profit margin).its fluctuate as per market competition-our business is basically working on credit amount,so we are paying weekly basis or monthly basis Behavior -Behavior is not change time to time as per customer Health -continuous moving and standingit causes pain in body at sleeping time.-Mental stress due to interaction with customer and management.-Use to with tobaco. Tracks all content use/re-use -movement of Customer.-Over storage of goods. Position Non convetional use Safety issue Power Plug in and cunsuption Non-Insulated lClosed area Job Profile Space it occupied one cornerof shop and it createsdifficulties during entryof customer. it occupied one cornerof shop and its create difficulties entryof customer. Krunal chauhan
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