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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reed Jacobson P 7A Year Down YonderPublished in 2000By Richard Peck Montana 1930 Montana Now Population- 539,000Milk- $0.10/qtButter- $0.28/lbBread- $0.09/LoafGround Beef- $0.12/lb Population- 1,015,000Milk- $2.28/qtButter- $3.89/lbBread- $2.69/loafBeef- $2.98/lb Did You know...? double click to change this header text! -In 1937 unemployment dropped 6.7% fromprevious year-A major flood along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers caused millions to lose their homes in Ohio,Kentucky and Illinois-1937 was the year thatEmilia Earhart crashed -People often had to come together and sharefood to make soups to get byin the great depression-Many young men had to travel with the WPA for work, just like Mary Alice'sOlder brother Theme Setting Plot Main Character One of the main charactersis Mary Alice's Grandma. She is a large independent woman that doesn't take nonsense from anyone. She is also very smart. The theme of this story was to keep going, even when facing adversity This story takes place in Rural Illinois in 1937- Whole story is about a year long Big Horn County Courthouse Mary Alice has to move from Chicago in with her grandmother in a rural Illinois during the great depression because her parents cant afford to support her. This courthouse was constructed in 1937 by the WPA. It cost about $150,000 to make and took about 100 men to construct it.
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