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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SELF-SUFFICENCY SUBSIDIZED HOUSING ASSISTANCE Solution: 1) Bracket an individual's income similar to to that of a tax bracket. This will allow for an opportunity to build up a savings. 2) Offer a financial competency class to all participants, providing information on how to manage money and create a viable budget. FOR SINGLE WORKING MOTHERS IN CINCINNATI, OHIO THE AFFORDABILITY GAP THE GAP Single mother now earns too much to qualify for housing assistance, and too little to be self sufficient. Single mother now earns enough to pay for housing, food, health care, daycareand other amenities. Average income for single working mother:Home Health Aide: $10.50/HrTelemarketer: $13.51/HrWaitress: $9.15/HrHair Stylist/Cosmetologist: $12.62/Hr*Data sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics HUD set the 2015 fair market rate for a two-bedroom apartment, in Hamilton County, at: $769 Asset Management program covers 30% of rent up to a yearly income cap of $51,350 for a 3-person household. Housing Choice Voucher program covers 30% of rent up to a yearly income cap of $49,350 for a 3-person household. In order to afford the $769/month that HUD deems to be fair market rent, an individual needs to earn at least $16.02/Hr. Working mothers of two Crunching the numbers: * CMHA's Family Self-Sufficiency Program According to the Economic Policy Institute, a single parent of two needs a monthly income of $4,657 to live modestly. (Budgeting $740 per month for housing) 50K/YR 56K/YR Average rental costs Mount Adams: $1102Mount Lookout: $1081Mount Auburn: $1065Hyde Park: $1059Over-The-Rhine: $972Central Business District: $950West End: $913East End: $905Oakley: $857Madisonville: $762Clifton: $740 All HCV participants are eligible to join FSS. Individuals must be able to commit to the program for 5 years, and be able to continouslyincrease their earned income. for 1-2 bedroom apts in the Cincinnati area Cuf: $736Northside: $730Riverside: $726Evanston: $703Avodale: $676Pleasant Ridge: $671Walnut Hills: $670East Price Hill: $655Mount Washington: $654*Data sourced from Under the subsidy programs the cost of rent rises in proportion to an increase in earning, which results in an inability to save.* Single mother does not earn enough to pay for housing,food, health care, daycare or other amenities. This mother can apply for subsidized housing and other assistance programs.
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