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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chaper 3 - Manage Your Time How much time should you study for? (ONE) - Study time depends on how many classes you have,what your personal goals are, and your study habits.- College professors recommend 2 hours per week for each extra credit hour you take, this can be 6-8 hours per class. Can you study TOO much? (TWO) YES! It is possible to spend to much time studying! You should use your time appropriately. - If you study too long,you mind can get bored and start to wander off, causing you to not take in enough information.- Spending a whole day studying is less effective thanstudy for 1 hour each day over a week. This is becauseyour body learns from repetition,or the action of your mind/body repeating the same actions. How can you manage your time efficiently? (THREE) How can you manage your time efficiently? (CONT.) - Find a productive study environment like a library. Some people like dim lights or background noise.(find whats right for you.)- Stay organized! (binder, papers, etc.)This helps to find things easily.- DON'T INTERRUPT CLASS by searching for things, come PREPARED. - Don't plan study times in your head, make a detailed plan or mark it on your calendar.- Prioritize your assignments! You can over-study on a single subject. (Study on classes you are struggling in more than others, and study on harder subjects so your brain is fresh.)- Reward yourself after studying, like going to hang out with friends. (extra boost)
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