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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Do you want to be a Law? If your serious about beinga law then location is everything.Move to Washington D.C and doas the other laws do. In 1 will become a successful laws 30,000 1. First thing first.Attened your first Reading. If you dealwith money hopon over to the hopperthat is used by theHouse.Here youll beread out for the first time. 2. After being read for the first time youare sent to the standing committeewhere you will be judged on whether your worthy or not.90 % of work is done here 90% get killed. 3. The standing committees haveseen to you and now have to make heir decision. They have4 options. Recomend you to passto a law, simply pass you withmajority vote, keep you prisoneror simply just kill you. 4. Congradulations! you madeit. you are now well on your way to becoming a law!! Nextthing on your list is the "trafficcops" aka the Rules committee. You only go though them whengoing through the House. It may slow you down but I beleive you can overcome this. 5. You made it pastthe cops! You havebeen doing good forthe past few months.Next thing to do isattend your second reading so that the entire chamber can hear what your allabout! 6. Next is the third reading.and debate. your sponser will begin it. Members must standand address the speaker whendebating you. Lets hope the haters don't filibuster you! If they do lets prey that yoursupporters have enough for cloture and shut them up. 7. Now that were donewith that grusomedebate, we can begin the voting. Its either alive or die type thing.You must receive a 50% + 1 turnout to survive. 8. You made it past the house now to do all that with the senate. 9. YAY! you made itpast both the house and the senate. Now ontothe confrence committeewhere they will even outthe differences the two chambers had. 10. You made it all the wayto the president! He has 4options. 1.Sign it- you become law2.Veto it- you die3. Pocket Veto- you die if congress adjourns.4. Hold you- keep you for 10 Days and you become law.
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