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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Effects ofStress on You! Effects of stress on the Brain Effects of stress on the Heart Effects of stress on the Organs Effects of Stress on the Body Stress can effect the lungs and make it harder to breathe, acute stress, like the death of a family member has the possibility of leading to asthma attacks.It can also lead to hyper ventilation.The liver can be affected because of epinephrine, and cortisol created form stress. This releases glucose and sugars which can be very dangerous to people with type 2 diabetes. Stress can affect the size and connectivity of your amygdala which controls emotions. Chronic stress also increases your amount of cortisol. An unhealthy amount of cortisol can harm stem cells. Without the correct amount of stem cells neurons are not formed and learning and memory are hindered. Stress has not been directly related to heart disease, but it has been found to increase activity that increases chances of heart disease. Activities like binge eating, smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, and inactivity all lead to to heart problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, as well as damage artery walls. Chronic Stress Can Damage Brain Structure and Connectivity. (n.d.). Retrieved January 6, 2015, from Stress and Heart Health. (n.d.). Retrieved January 6, 2015, from When stress in on going for a few days, sleep is altered, making the bodies recovery time dwindle and emotions hay wire. Headaches, back pain and stomach pains can be the result of stress as well. Your muscles may also grow tight and cramp up. Stress Effects on the Body. (n.d.). Retrieved January 6, 2015, from
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