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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 'A system that enables every child (regardless of race, gender, ability, etc.) to learn ... in a structured and safe environment' - Keith Milum, Customer Services Director of the Charities Aid Foundation, 53 VISIONS OF EDUCATION I interviewed a range of different people to find out what education means to them! 'I like school and learning because it means I can get a good job' - Mia Roe, Primary School Student, 8 'Enables people to develop social and academic skills so that they are prepared for thenext stage of life' - Mo Roe, 45 'Each learner should have the opportunity to be taughtby passionate and valued teachers in small and well-resourced classes. Ask me on another day - you'll get another vision!' - Tricia Sharkey, 55, Data Manager of the Education Village Academy Trust 'Everyone should have an equal chance of accessing a good education funded by the state, with resources being made availableto the widest possible audience - from early years through to adult learners' - Kay Sharkey, 53, Equality and Human Rights Commission 'At this stage of the course, my 'vision' is too complex to be restrained to one paradigm. I agree with parts of all the above statements, and think they provide interesting insight into educational practices and ideas about different perspectives of education. I am already able to appreciate education as an academic discipline, as I am starting tounderstand intrinsic links between different modules and concepts. I hope to use my studies to obtain a more definitive idea about what education means to me' - Ellen Sharkey, University Student, 20 'Education merely serves the economy' - Sarah Johnson, University Student, 19 'Education provides opportunities to pursue my interests, and acts as the gateway to the future that I want for myself' - Niamh SharkeyMilum, Sixth Form College Student, 16
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