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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Long Way from Chicago By Richard PeckBailey WestonPeriod 7 Published in 1998 Did You Know? 1. From 1929 - 1939 more than 250,000 people rode the railsto try and find job. 2. About 50% of young boyswanted to be pilots when theygrew up. 3. The price of pop was $0.05in the early 1930s.4. Many people rode the railsin hopes that they would landin a town with lots of jobs available. 5. Soup kitchens were very important to those who couldnot afford to pay for food. Theme The main theme of the bookis about family. In the tough times Joey and Mary Alice only growcloser to their grandmother. Setting The story takes place in a small Illinois town in Grandma Dowdel's house. This story takes place overmultiple summers from 1929 - 1934. Plot In the first few summers Joey and Mary Alicethink their grandma is crazy, but after a a while they realize how caring she is.She helps by feeding the hungry, becauseshe was well off and shows the childrenhow she can take on any task. Character Mary Alice Dowdel is seven whenshe first goes to visit her grandma.Over time her and her grandmabecome really close and she begins to talk like her grandma. Texas Population: 1930 - 5.844 millionToday - 26.45 millionUnemployment:1930 - 8.1%Today - 5.1% Alamo Stadium - San Antonio, Texas Prices:Milk1930s -$0.10 (per quart) Today -$3.81 Butter1930s -$0.28 (per pound)Today - $4.98Bread1930s -$0.08 Today - $1.98Meat1930s - $0.26 (per pound) Today - $6.68
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