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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Grapes of Wrath PopulationThen vs Now 1930- 9,631,3502015- 12,702,379 Food Prices Milk- 14 cents Butter- 25 centsBread- 9 cents Meat - 42 cents State- Pennsylvania Great Depression Milk (1 liter)- $1.06Butter- 79 cents Bread- $2.35Meat (1 Kg)- $9.68 Now Tehaam Adhami Period 7 Author- John Steinbeck Year of Publication- 1939 Did you Know.... 1. One dust stormreached a height of 2 miles and travelled 2,000 miles before hitting the Atlantic Coast. 2. The static electricity producedby the dust storms was sopowerful that if two peopletried shaking hands, the staticshock could knock them both to the ground. 3. Only about 1/5 of Oakies were from Oklahoma. Oakie was a blanket term used to describe all agricultural migrants, no matter where theywere from. 4. The dust storms causedmany diseases such as influenza,bronchitis, asthma, and worst of all, pneumonia. 5. The federal government paid farmers to plow under fields and butcher livestock. Themes FamilyWhen the Joads were traveling to California, their commitment to eachothers' survival brought them closer together. The ability of afamily to survive the migration depended on its union. Plot/Setting The Grapes of Wrath takes place during America's Great Depression, which lasted from the Stock Market Crash of October 1929 until World War II began 12 years later. During this time, a long period of drought and high winds affected large parts of the American Midwest, including much of the state of Oklahoma, creating what was called the Dust Bowl. Many of the people in the lower Midwest moved elsewhere, hoping to find fertile land on which to make a living. The Joads' family farm was taken away and they decided to go to California. The main reason the farm was taken away was because it was owned by a landlord and the soil went dry and nothing could grow on it. This was caused by the dust bowl.Their journey to California was harsh, but was fueled by Tom's encouragement of unity. Characters The main character is Tom Joad. He is Ma and Pa Joad's favorite son and was thrown in jail for killing a manbefore the main story began. He is the hero of the story because he took care of everyone and was the foundation for his family's union.
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