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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Long Way from Chicago Richard Peck 1998 Kelsey Axtman pd.4 Food Comparison: Then (1930) NowMilk: $0.47 $3.19Butter: $0.28 $3.89Meat: $0.43 $4.11Bread: $0.08 $3.19 Eggs: $0.18 $2.09 Illinois Population Comparison: Then (1930) Now (2010) 7.64 million 12.84million Did You Know?1. By 1932, there were 7,000,000people unemployed2. Others who held their job, sawheir salary cut by 40%3. More and more people were growing their own vegetables and cooking homemade soup4. HS and college workers wereable to find jobs with the help ofthe creation of NYA- being tutorsor assistants5. 1932- Emergency Relief Commission was funded by bondissurance d Theme- "Growing up" Mary Alice and Joey both learn from their annual summer visit to their grandma's. Growing from 7-9 and into their teens they see how the daily life is of an adult. Their grandma has to figure out if the right choice is to blackmail or lie to get justice? Setting- Takes place 1929-1942, shows how times were tough and that people were constantly losing theirhouse along with becoming unemployed, and where living in a small town, your business is everybody's business.Plot- Each trip something new would happen- 1st; the kids go to watch their grandma outwit her neighbors inthe "Shotgun Cheatham's Last Night Above Ground". 2nd; got to watch her outwit the town bullies with tricks andtraps. 3rd; time to see grandma's soft side of feeding the homeless when the depression hit. 4th; Country fair when their grandma entered the goseberry pie competition. Joey was the narrator and the main character. Who went from once dreading his annual visit to grandma's to end up loving it and wanted to stay longer. Joey was a city boy who was treated as a country boy, leading to learn how to drive and ride an airplane. Berwyn Municipal Building - 1939
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