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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Book Emily EricksonP.4A Year Down YonderRichard Peck2000 Population 1930: 3.167 million2014: 9,535,483 North Carolina Unemployment rate1930: N/A2014: 5.8% Blue ridge parkway Did you know?! Population comparison 1930: 122,775,046now: 316.1 million Food comparison1930'smilk $0.47butter $0.37bread $0.08Meat (round steak) $0.36 Now daysmilk $3.19Butter $4.19Bread $2.69Meat (round steak) $5.99 Setting:It takes place in a small Illinois town. its around 1937 after the depression. The book is a year long Theme: ChangeMary Alice changes from the beginning of thebook to the endGrandma is used to change unlike Mary AliceGrandma changes all the time through the seasonsshe has to change her way of life. The plot:Mary Alice's family is struggling after the great depression, so she is sent to her grandma's house in a small town. While shes there she has faces problems like, a Burdick girl follows her home so she can try to get a dollar from her. Mary Alice also finds herself a young man that she ends up marring later on. Her and her grandma become very close by the end of the book and they are both sad when the have to depart in the end. Grandma Dowdel is a big lady, shes not very affectionate. She doesn't show her love byhugging people she shows itwith her cooking. Since is wasjust the depression Grandmamakes money by killing and sellingthe fur from animals. A train ticket cost around $32 The name Chicago comes from a Miami Indian word for the wild leeks that grew on the bank of the short Chicago River. By the 1930s Chicagos population reached 3 million. In the end of the book Mary Alice gets married on her grandmas front porch
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