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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MiKayla Parrett, Period 4b,Christmas After All, Kathryn Lasky,2001 Then:Population: *92,000Gas: *10 cents per gallonUnemployment: * 23.7% Now:Population: *2.79 millionGas *$1.99 per gallonUnemployment: *6.9% Nevada DId you know...1. People who lost their homes often lived in what were called Hoovervilles, or shanty towns, that were named after President Herbert Hoover.2. On Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the market lost $14 billion, making the loss for that week an astounding $30 billion.3. During the worst years of the Depression (1933-1934) the overall jobless rate was 25%.4. During the Great Depression, many people tried apple selling to avoid the shame of panhandling which was to be begging in the street.5. When Dust Bowl conditions devastated farmers, many defaulted on their bank loans, which helped lead to widespread bank failure and some sent their children away to cities up north with family or friends. Plot Theme Character Hoover Dam - built in 1931 One theme is using creaticity to have perseverance. The setting is Indiananpolis, Indiana in 1932. It spands over November 25th to December 25th. It's during the depression and their father just lost his job. Christmas is around the corner and they now are even tighter with money. The father is slowly fading while the kids bake cookies and bring them to a shantytown. Willie Faye and Minnie find ways to make hats, earrings, and keepsake boxes for presents with no cost. This shows the theme because regardless of the struggle they find a way to keep Christmas going. Willie Faye was from Texas and sent up to Indiana to live with a family because she was an orphan and a cousinof the family. The only belongings she hadwith her were 2 pairs of underpants,1 pair of socks, 2 undershirts, the dress she was wearing, a sweater, coat, cigar box full of colored pencils, a little book to draw in, and a picture from a newspaper. This shocked the other children of the house. Willie had grown up in Heart's Bend, a small town in Texas with only 9 buildings. She had never gone out and seen a movie heard of famous writers, but she was slowly getting used to a new life. A family is living in the times of the Great Depression, but are one of the luckier families. Their father still has a job. It's just after Thanksgiving and he comes home earlier and earlier every day. Each day he sits up in his work room on the type-writer. It gets to be December and he comes home to announce he lost his job. Christmas is just around the corner and they now don't have enough to buy presents. The young girls come upwith ways to make homemade gifts.The town continues to struggle but the family keeps Christmas going. Food Prices - 1930's *Bread - 8 cents per loaf *Milk - 10 cents per qt. *Best Steak - 22 cents per pound *Butter - 28 cents per poundFood Prices - 2015 *Bread - $2.69 per loaf *Milk - $1.99 per qt. *Best Steak - $10.24 per pound *Butter - $3.89 per pound
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