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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OPEN AN ONLINE STORE Basically, companies will pay youto advertise. If you don't mind driving around with a large ad plastered on your car, this may be your gig. Part-time income. START A BLOG GET PAID TO DRIVE DOG WALKING BUSINESS ERRAND RUNNING BUSINESS AFFILIATE MARKETING CARE GIVING/BABYSITTING HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE TEACH YOUR PASSION Sell products and services forbusinesses. This commission-only work can be challengingbut also lucrative. Internet-based,computer required. Have a hobby, skill or interest? Share your knowledge with others.Teach classes or workshops usinga service called Skillshare. Teach classes locally (ie coffee shop,classroom, kitchen) or online. Great for techie or creative types. Work like website design, graphicdesign, photography, engineering,video, computer programming, marketing and more. If you like animals and being outdoors,dog walking can be a great part timebusiness. It can also lead to morejobs like pet care, housesitting, etc.. People usually have more work to dothan hours in the day. Many will hirepeople to help them. Errand runnerscan do a variety of tasks and workwith multiple clients. You don't have to be a professionalwriter to own a blog. Write about ahobby, skill or interest. Advertiserspay bloggers to advertise on theirsites. Start a cleaning service for free aslong as clients provide cleaningsupplies and equipment. Love kids? You can find babysitting,nanny and other care giving jobsthrough trusted online services thatlet you advertise your credentialsto care seekers. Yes, you can sell products through an online store without paying money up front. Tools like Cafe Press show you how. Start a Business for Free, Work from Home ...and Make Money 10 Ways to FREELANCING
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