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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The long-range facilities planning committee proposed four goals to resolve issues in District 834's buildings and overall distribution. The school board is currently considering the proposal and the community has been invited to express their opinions to the committee. The changes will not raise taxes, but they will take several years to implement. DISTRICT 834 LONG-RANGE FACILITY CHANGES 2 IMPROVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT 1 3 4 COMMUNITY ATHLETIC FACILITIES GRADE SHIFT ACCESSIBLE CAPACITY ISSUES - Build a concession stand, restrooms, a new entrance and a new parking lot for - Install in Pony Stadium and on practice fields.- Extend the gymnasium for a indoor walking track and fitness center. - Elementary schools in the southern end of the district are while those in the northern end of the district are - Possible solutions in the south include purchasing Valley Crossing Community School from District 916 or constructing a - Possible solutions in the north include finding better waysto and selling the Central Services building. middle school system. transition sports and clubs electives and accelerated classes. additions overcrowded under-capacity. new elementary school. use empty space Pony Stadium. synthetic turf community- accessible make room - Install systems into some elementary schools and the two junior highs.- Refurbish science labs at Oakland and the high school to for larger class sizes.- Build on the high school to make space for freshmen and to relieve the crowded lunchroom and hallways. air conditioning - Switch from a junior high system to a - Elementary: PreK-Grade 5 -- Preschoolers will have an easier into kindergarten.- Middle School: Grades 6-8 -- Sixth graders will be able to get involved in at the middle school level.- High School: Grades 9-12 -- Freshmen will have opportunities to participate in Source:
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