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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Language Logic Numbers Reasoning Left brain functions generally work well under stress; therefore, people who are dominant left brain have better reasoning. Critical Thinking The left-brain is often described as being better at: language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, and reasoning. Take this quiz: You have a blue ball, red ball and yellow ball sitting in front you. You need to pick up two of them. But, if you pick up the blue ball, you cant pick up the red ball. If you pick up the red ball you cant pick up the yellow. So,which two balls can you pick up? To solve this, youll need to think critically- accessing the left side of your brain. Takes in information slowly. Presenting information slowly and repeatedly stimulates the left-brain but left brain memory is more short term. Davis, B. (2014, September 25). Brain functions: How we learn through our right and left brain. Retrieved January 4, 2015, from Cherry, K. (2013, June 7). Left brain vs. right brain. Retrieved January 4, 2015, from Sources Know any accountants? Left brain all the way! Typically people better at math are left brain dominant. The Left Brain The Left Brain Putting thoughts and experiences to speech in a logical sequence. People who are good attelling stories and can talk for hours have a solid grasp on their left brain language and communication skills.
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