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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Potentially provide informal child support, which can be viewed asa protective factor againsthomelessness." "Among those children living with a homeless parent, 80% are under 11-years-old." "41% of homeless menhave minor children." Family Homelessness "Family homelessness is found to be closelyassociated with female-headed households, unwed child rearing, and the economic hardshipsof single mothers." Structural Characteristics Structural Characteristics Lack of affordable housing Slack labor markets Welfare reform The availability of public housing Access to homeless shelters - Lack of affordable housing- Slack labor markets- Welfare reform- The availability of public housing- Access to homeless shelters Fathers "40% of homelesswomen have minorchildren." "Only 28% of homeless parents live with their children." Bettering Outcomes For The Homeless Population: Keeping Families Together (p. 488) (p. 488) (p. 505) - Deteriorating physical health- Issues with mental health- Substance abuse/ addiction- Domestic violence- Single motherhood- Welfare receipt- Issues with educational attainment (Fertig & Reingold, 2008) (p. 487) (Fertig & Reingold, 2008) (p. 486) "As families become increasingly dependent on single wage earnersand informal support (from friends and relatives)during a crisis, low-income housing subsidies, welfare, and other social benefits may gain importance in forestalling episodes of homelessness." (p. 490) "The birth of a new childcan leave poor familieshighly vulnerable to crisis. Alternatively, a child's birthmay prompt the mother toreconsider a relationshipmarked by domestic violence.This can increase the risk of homelessness." (p. 505) Assistance Assistance Cultural Characteristics Cultural Characteristics Reference Fertig, A. & Reingold, D. (2008) Homelessness among At-Risk Families with Children in Twenty American Cities. Social Service Review, Vol. 82, No. 3 (September 2008), pp. 485-510). Melissa TippettsIndiana University
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