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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MY ANACONDA DON'T ! Sunday Afternoon on The Grand Jatte ~Artist: Georges Seurat~Medium: Oil on canvas ~ Date: 1884-188619th Century ~Afternoon activity of the middle class on Sunday ~Pointillist technique!!~Color relationships~Frozen quality; Figures are uncommunicative almost all are faceless ~Traditional perspective~Patterns of light and dark increase sense of depth POST IMPRESSIONISM A movement toward abstraction in their work, retaining solid form, exploring underlying structure and preserving traditional elements such as perspectiveIt was a reaction french artists took against impressionists concern for the naturalistic depiction of light and colour ~Strong painterly brushstrokes ~Contrast between 2-D of the painting surface and 3-D of objects ~The contrasting of round objects,flat objects, and the drapery falling intoour own space ~Artist: Paul Cezanne ~Medium: Oil on Canvas~Date: 189319th Century At the Moulin Rouge ~Specializes in scenes of Parisian nightlife~Tilted perspective of Japanese prints~Zigzag compositions ~Larges areas of flat color~Out to have a good time but mood=joyless ~Artist: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec~Medium: Oil on Canvas~Date: 1892-189519th Century Post Impressionism was led by Paul CezannePaul GauguinVincent van GoghGeorges Seurat The Starry Night A Basket of Apples ~Thick short brushstrokes~Parts of the canvas can be seen through the brushwork~Mountains in distance Van Gogh could see at his hospital room~Composite landscape=Dutch church, cresent moon, Mediterranean cypress tree ~Artist: Vincent van Gogh~Medium: Reed brush drawing~Date: 188919th Century Vision after the Sermon ~Artist: Paul Ganguin~Medium: Oil on canvas~Date: 188819th Century ~Tree trunk separate the real from the miracle~Tilted perspective~Cow=Mans redemption~Ezekiel's sacrifice ~Variations of hue within color planes~Red heat=Red earth ~Additional Artists~Odilon RedonHenri RousseauCharles AngrandGeorges LemmenPaul Signac POINITILLISM is a technique of painting in which small distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. PAINTERLY BRUSHSTROKESthe result ofapplying paint in a less than completely controlled manner POST IMPRESSIONISM came to be in 1910 by Roger Fry, Manet and the Post-Impressionists, organized by Fry for the Grafton Galleries in London. Most of the artists in the exhibition were younger than the Impressionists
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