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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4. Create the Trailer 1. Read the Book 2. Write the Script 5. Share Globally ANALYZE how visual and multimedia elementscontribute to the meaning, tone or beauty of a text. New Technologies have broadened and expanded the rolethat speaking and listening play in SHARING knowledge andhave tightened their link to other forms of communication. [See Notes on Range for this standard] Include MULTIMEDIAcomponents and visual displays in PRESENTATIONSto enhance the development of main idea or theme. audience LEARNING PLATFORM MOODLE & EDMODO Does the music, narration, images and graphics enhance the story? REVISE? text details BOOK TRAILERS 3. Storyboard the Script Use TECHNOLOGY, including the internetto produce and publish writingand to interact and collaborate with others. image by Thyago-Sorg CC by 2.0 by Teacher Librarian M. Harclerode BOOK TRAILERS FOR READERS 2012 Students use digital mediastrategicallyand capably. Analyze 5.RL.7 Narrative - 5.W.3 Technology 5.W.6 Presentation 5.SL.5 Use Digital Editing Software Collaboration 5.SL.1 UPLOAD EMBED TWEET T setting POV Theme - 5.RL.2 Write a NARRATIVE to develop real or imaginedexperiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details and clear event sequences. figurative language main character theme voice mood Determine central ideas or THEMES of a textand analyze their development: summarize the key supporting details and ideas. Find Copyright Free Images and Music
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