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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There are two types of mining/ fracking. They are called surface and subsurface mining. Surface mining involves taking minerals that are near the surface of the earth, while subsurface mining is extracting minerals from deeper underground areas. people use different techniques to retrieve the minerals depending on weather the minerals are located below the surface or on the surface. SURFACE MINING SUBSURFACE MINING Strip mining is a type of surface mining where you mine in an open pit once you've dug out the dirt and rock on the surface. some effects on the environment are once people are done strip mining the dump all the chemicals into the dam water and our drinking water can become polluted. It also increases soil erosion which can lead to less plants growing and less animals living near areas of mining. Open pit mining, also a type of surafce mining is when miners cut into the surface and and take out the overburden. (leaving a pit behind.) then miners take tubes and extract minerals from the surface. minerals are often only available in small concentrations in open pit mining, which increases the amount of pits needed to be mined. Mountaintop removal is a type of surface mining where the tops of mountains are removed, exposing tons of coal and other minerals. When miners dump the chemical waste into the water it becomes poisonous to aquatic species and can disrupt their life cycle. Draft mining is collecting minerals by cutting into the side of the earth, rather than tunneling directly downwards. Draft mining effects the environment because mines can collapse and kill people and pollutes the ground water. Slope mining is a type of subsurface mining. It accesses minerals like coal or ore. A shaft goes underground and sucks up all the minerals underground. Slope mining has the potential for tunnel collapses and pollute the water surrounding the tunnels. shaft mining is when miners create a tunnel going vertically underground and collect all the minerals underground. Shaft mining can harm the harm the envirnment becasue it lets off greenhouse gas edmissions fracking is the process of using high pressurized liquid to extract gas from rocks. how people frack is by inserting a tube into the ground and excerting water which extracks the gas and minerasl from inside the rock. Then the tube sucks up the minerals. Fracking can pollute groundwater and your drinking water. FRACKING TYPES OF FRACKING AND MINING
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