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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lorem ipsum dolorsit amet, consectesursed do amusardo. horror Text Lorem ipsum dolorsit amet, consectesursed do amusardo. Crafts Programming Games Teach COMIC gardening Text Resolve to keep your New Year's RESOLUTIONS RESOLUTIONS 1 week 2 weeks 1 month How long do they stick? 75% 71% 64% 8% 46% 92% of resolutions don't last the full year. How long do they stick? What are the top resolutions? Better work/life balance Quit smoking Get organized Save money and manage debt Lose weight and get in shape double click to change this header text! 40-45% The number of Americanswho make one or more resolutions each year. 6 months 1 year 34% 31% 38% 47% Total is more than 100 percent due to people making multiple resolutions. Money-relatedresolutions Relationship-relatedresolutions What are the top resolutions? Make your resolution last! Make your resolution last! TRACK PROGRESS SMALL TARGETS THINK LONG TERM REWARD YOURSELF GET SUPPORT Keep track of each small success. Try using a food diary or activity journal. Break your resolution into smaller targets that are easier to achieve. Each time you reach a goal, treat yourself to a reward that doesn't contradict your resolution. Get friends and family to help. Social support can be a great motivator. Keep the end goal in mind. Don't try to accomplish everything up front. Self-improvement or education-related resolutions Weight-relatedresolutions
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