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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fill spare capacityExtra tax revenue Economic Key stakeholders in the UK 55% Holidays matter 80% 26% 100% - who's Excluded from tourism getting involved? In the UK unableto afford an annual week holiday Societal 1 in 5 families 29.7% of the UK population can't afford a day trip to thebeach (Minnaert, Maitland & Miller 2009) Social Tourism: double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. SocialTourism Participants Referral Agents Government i Tourist Boards Tourism Businesses References Benefits of social tourism Economic Self-esteemExpansion of social networksSkill developmentImproved mental healthCloser family tiesGreater participation in work/education (Minnaert, Maitland & Miller 2009) Social (APPGST 2011) Academia Potential areas of research... National charity FamilyHoliday Association supported 2,092 families including 5,620 children Social Workers VisitKent Charities All-Party Parliamentary Group for Social Tourism :) Family HolidayAssociation TUI Travel leading named examples Low income families and £ Nottingham University Business School (Office for National Statistics 2013) (Bernardo's 2014) (Family HolidayAssociation 2014) the inclusion APPGST (All Party-Parliamentary Group for Social Tourism), 2011. Giving Britain a Break: Inquiry into the social economic benefits of social tourism [pdf] Available from: [Accessed 30 December 2014]Bernardos, 2014. Poor families wave goodbye to Bank Holiday beach trip [online] Available from: [Accessed 30 December 2014]Family Holidays Association, 2014. Family Holiday Association Annual Review 2013-2014 [pdf] Available from: [Accessed 30 December 2014]Minnaert, L., Maitland, R., and Miller, G. 2009. Tourism and Social Policy: The value of Social Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research, 36 (2), 316-334.Office for National Statistics, 2013. Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK and EU, 2005-2011 Available from: [Accessed 30 December 2014]
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