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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KILLING LINCOLN Bill O'Reillyand Martin Dugard Authors MAINCHARACTERS The book Killing Lincoln has 2 main characters. Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth.Lincoln: The 16 President of the United States of America. Lincoln was born to a poor family in rural Kentucky he sought to raise his social standing first with military service, then after that through politics. Through a combination of luck, manipulation, and talent Lincoln managed to win the Republican nomination and ,due to the turbulent political situation, win the presidential election.Due to Lincoln's political party and stance against slavery several Southern States seceded fromthe government causing the civil war. Lincoln was described as a tall man with a homely appearance. He was a firm good humored man who felt a heavy burden commandingthe Union during the civil war.Booth: the assassin who killed Lincoln. Booth was born in Maryland, his father was a well known actor and Booth followed his father's footsteps in becoming an actor. Booth laterjoined to No Nothing Party. a group that sought to limit immigration, and a Virginia Company that aided in the capture and execution of John Brown, a militant who sought to instigate slave revolts in order to end slavery, Booth attempted to first kidnap the president to holdin order to destabilize the Union government but later sought instead to kill the presidentafter the Confederacy collapsed. Remarked as a handsome actor Booth was a hardcore Confederate patriot who craved recognition from the world. Main Theme A main theme of this book is that fame kills. Literal examples of this is Lincoln who was killed because he was the president and Booth who became famous for a short time for killing Lincoln but was later killed because of the infamy he gained. Metaphysical examples of this theme is that during the course of the book Lincoln was described as stressed out because of the burden of "fixing" the US during the civil war weighed Lincoln down at ultimately led to his death. Also Booth was blinded by his desire for fame and recognition and let that take control of his actions again ultimately leading to his death. Exposition: Lincoln visits frontline during the Civil War of the United States. General Ulysses Grant ,commander of the Union military, corners Robert Lee, commander of the Confederate military at -----. Booth plans the assassinationof president Lincoln and recruits others to assist him in his plot.Rising Action: Grant's superior armed and supplied army forces Lee's army to surrender. With the main Confederate force deafeated the Civil War is consideredover. Lincoln plans to visit Ford's theater to celebrate with his wife, friends, and coworkers. Booth learns of the presidents plans and moves with his confederatesto kill Lincoln.Climax: Many of Lincolns associates refuse to go to the theater out of dislike of Lincoln's wife. Lincoln's bodyguard, a known alcoholic, goes out drinking leaving the president undefended. Booth sneaks into Lincoln's booth and shots Lincoln in the head. Booth then dramatically jumps from Lincoln's booth but messed up hislanding and broke his leg. Despite the wound Booth successfully escapes with hisconfederates to go to the South.Falling Action: A nationwide manhunt for Booth is initiated and Booth having injured his leg and being slowed down by having to cross a swamp takes shelterin a Confederate sympathetic home. Union military tracks down Booth and kills him.Resolution: Lincoln's funeral is held, Andrew Johnson is elected as the new president. Plot Development Booth's confederates are rounded up and sent to be hanged. The case however gainedcontroversy because one of the Confederates was a woman and many expected Johnson to pardon her. The pardon never came and she was killed by hanging
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