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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The date is writtenon the first lineof the 2nd column. The year and the month are notwritten again on the same page unlessthe month changes. The amountof the accountcredited is written on this column. The title of the account credited is written on the second line indented byabout 1/2 inch from the debit entry. The title of the account debited is written on the first line at the extreme leftof the descriptioncolumn. This column is filled up only during the posting stage.The account number of the account debited and credited are written on this column after they are posted to the ledger. LEDGERA group of accounts POSTINGThe process of transferring the entriesfrom the journal to theaccounts in the ledger. PENCIL FOOTINGDifference bet. the total debits and total creditsof an account. Write the year in smallfigure on top of the first line of the date column.The month is written below the year on the first line. DATE COLUMN A brief description of the transaction is written below the entry and indented again by about 1/2 inch from the credit entry. BKKPNG The amount of the account debitedis written on this column. RECORDING BUSINESSTRANSACTIONS JOURNAL, LEDGER, POSTING, ACCOUNT BALANCE, AND NORMAL BALANCES NORMAL BALANCES ASSETS DEBITLIABILITIES CREDITCAPITAL CREDIT DRAWING DEBITREVENUE CREDITEXPENSE DEBIT DESCRIPTIONOF A COLUMN POSTING REFERENCE COLUMN DEBIT COLUMN CREDIT COLUMN
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